Think twice before upgrading the kitchen

Wednesday Sep 20th, 2017


The kitchen is the center of attention in a home.  If you're like me and only cook every other day (my wife would argue that it's less), we still use a kitchen to work from home at the breakfast table, or entertain guests for instance.  


If you're thinking of a kitchen remodel to boost the potential sale price of your home, it's important to know which upgrades might hold you back from achieving a 70% return on investment.


1) Lighting
We've all done it before.  Buying a piece of furniture that makes a statement, like a custom coffee table made of reclaimed Ontario ash wood.  Take a second to rethink purchasing the perfect lighting fixture for the kitchen.  How's the rest of the lighting in the kitchen?  Look for shadows, and think of ways to eliminate them.  Under-cabinet lighting is an inexpensive way to do this.

2) Countertop
If you're in the market to sell your home once the kitchen renovations are done, it might be difficult to recover the cost on this item.  This rule varies depending on where you live.  Materials like higher-quality marble and quartz can range up to $100 per square foot.

3) Stainless Steel
The modern appearance of them is attractive, but make sure you aren't overpowering your new kitchen with a look that is mundane.

4) Kitchen Island
You want these to be convenient, not in the way of the overall flow of your kitchen (Hey Siri, tell me more about feng shui).  If you're blocking your way from the stove to the sink, this might not be a good idea.  It could also be a fire hazard!


5) Full Remodel
Don't assume your cabinets and appliances that are 20 years old are automatically deemed to be at the end of their life.  Think about what you can salvage.  There are tons of DIY videos on Youtube on how to make old cabinets look brand new with some elbow grease and your will to do some work!  This is an investment.  Plan and spend wisely and you'll achiever a greater ROI if you can stick to a small-scaled kitchen remodel.

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