Keeley Condos

Wednesday Apr 17th, 2019

The Keeley Condos

This is a neighborhood that most people won't think to invest in.. until now. Click here for pre-construction details.

There is a huge amount of growth opportunity in the Downsview Park area. I’m not just talking about real estate either. Employment opportunities, accessibility to famous landmarks, transit, parks, and the list can go on.


Bombardier Airport Lands

The airport occupies 375 acres in Downsview Park. To put that into perspective, Downtown Toronto is 240 acres. The lands were recently sold for $816,000,000 to Public Sector Pension Investments. Bombardier was only using 10% of the airport space, so this made sense. This will create an estimated 42,000 new jobs, and bring value to new mid- and low-rise homes in the area. Because the land is currently zoned as what can be called employment lands, it is guaranteed that the city will protect this land for similar future use.

The Keeley Condos will be a 12-storey building with 270 units and 29 unique floorplans. Unobstructed views in every direction - unbelieveable! Two directions facing parks!


York University

York University has a 53,000 students enrolled. 49,000 cannot live on campus due to the limited housing options available. With Schulich School of Business expanding and the new School of Continuing Studies opening, we expect to see an increase in staff, 34 new classrooms, and thousands of new students enrolling at York University.

The Keeley is a 7-minute ride to York University. That’s it! A 15-minute walk to to Downsview Station brings access to TTC and GO Transit. Downsview Station currently sees 2,000 riders per day. The construction of Keeley Condos will bring that number much higher.


Yorkdale Mall

Beautification of the streets at Dufferin and Lawrence has been happening for quite some time now. The area is growing. Three towers are expected to pop up near Yorkdale Mall.

With 22,000,000 visitors annually, it is another reason why the investment value is there with Keeley Condos. All of Toronto’s attractions, including the CN Tower, Toronto Island, The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Royal Ontario Museum, Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, can’t even add up to the amount of visitors Yorkdale Mall sees every year. That’s incredible!


Click here for pre-construction details.

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