Toronto Housing Bubble

Saturday Aug 17th, 2019


Why Real Estate Bubbles Happen A real estate bubble occurs in local or global real estate markets, and typically follow a land boom. This is a rapid increase in real property market price (i.e. housing) until they reach unsustainable levels that eventually lead to a gradual or rapid decline. Can real estate bubbles be identified and prevented? Housing market bubbles are more critical than stock market bubbles. Equity price busts occur on average every 13 years, last... [read more]

It Doesn�t Matter Where, Every Canadian Real Estate Market Is Seeing Big Price Growth

Tuesday Aug 18th, 2020


Source: Betterdwelling.com, Kaitlin Last, August 18, 2020 Canadian real estate buyers are shrugging off the pandemic, as a temporary inconvenience. Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) data shows prices made a huge increase in July. Not just in known “hot” markets like Toronto, and Montreal either. Substantial monthly increases were seen in almost every real estate market across Canada.   Canadian Real Estate Prices Increased 2.34% Just Last Month Canadian real... [read more]